Here We Go!

Long, long overdue for an update, I’m pleased to announce that I now sit typing a blog entry from my home in Kenya!  I’m embarrassed to say that it’s been so long since I’ve logged onto this blog that I forgot the user name and password.  For those of you who may have visited and wondered if there will ever be any updates, thank you for your patience … the time has come!

But enough of the apology.  It’s still a bit surreal to think that a calling that was placed in my lap almost sixteen years ago is now a reality.  Here at Tenwek just over a week, I still find myself lapsing into the mindset that I will soon be saying goodbye to the folks here as my short-term medical trip comes to a close and I slip away into the distant western sunset.  But what a joy to know that I can count on waking to a beautiful Kenyan morning and serving its gentle and welcoming people for years to come!

The dozens of pieces of luggage have been unpacked at last and their contents have found their new homes as well.  I’m pleased to say that every piece of luggage arrived intact at Kenyatta Airport, having traveled safely from Hartsfield Airport and free of charge, thanks to the grace of God and the generous gift from an airline attendant at check-in.

Warm greetings and helping hands from the missionary families here at Tenwek have helped us push through the jetlag and the fatigue from living at an altitude nearly 7000 feet above sea level (I’m told it will take weeks to adjust completely).  I was recounting the other moves that our family has made over the years, and I honestly can’t remember having any sort of similar experience in terms of the hospitality and help that we’ve experienced in one short week.  I’m thankful for the intimate community here and the simplicity of life that I’ve experienced thus far.

Now that our home is becoming settled, I’ve had the opportunity to spend a couple of days evaluating and organizing surgical equipment at the theatre.  No, there are no movies shown at this theatre, rather “theatre” is the term used for operating room.  I have been surprised by a fairly good number of available surgical items, though the selection is quite random in type and number.  With the addition of several other essential donated instruments that I was able to bring from the States, I anticipate the opportunity to provide a wide range of services to the patients here.

Within the next couple of days I should be a urologist in full capacity once again, hoping to shake off some of the rust from being absent from my profession for the past three months.  Please pray that as I transition into this new realm of medical care with some unfamiliar diseases to be faced and surgeries to perform that exist only in my distant memory or in the textbooks, that I would be filled with peace, confidence, and abilities that are graced upon me by our Heavenly Father.  I look forward to the lessons that are waiting to be learned and the stories that will be written by the author and perfecter of our faith.