After Seven Months … A Few Glimpes



After living in Africa for seven months:

We are experiencing our first rainy season.

My wife would make my barber back home proud.

I have finally started running – a little intimidating on hilly terrain, at 6800 feet, in the homeland of the world’s greatest runners.

Urethroplasties don’t scare me any more thanks to Dr. Jeff Carney.

I have come to realize that meats and vegetables really do taste better without all the pesticides and antibiotics.

I still haven’t gotten used to living in a culture where complaints and sarcasm are as rare as hen’s teeth.

We have a new (four-legged) member of our family.

I have found that a patient’s pain tolerance is culture-dependent.

I’ve been taught that scary-looking sausage flies don’t hurt, but fuzzy caterpillars do.

I appreciate the beauty of simple living.

My obsession with punctuality has disappeared (and my wife is grateful).

I am able to successfully perform surgery with only a headlight.

My wife has learned to make Krispy Kreme-like donuts and wonderful chai (even the Kenyans say so).

I am able to drive comfortably on the “wrong” side of the road, dodging motorcycles, oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, livestock and potholes … but not quite brave enough yet to drive in Nairobi traffic.

I’ve noticed that rich worship happens on dirt floors.

Our family of six shares one bathroom and the world has not come to an end.

I don’t miss all the paperwork that was required to take care of patients in the states.

I am anxiously awaiting my first Kenyan Christmas.

I love sukuma wiki!

I say thank you, thank you to the person who told us to bring a lifetime supply of bandaids for our kids.

I am inspired by the enthusiasm, skill, and spiritual devotion of the trainees at Tenwek Hospital.

I no longer take clean water for granted.

The patient load continues to increase.

My understanding of generosity has been redefined by the Kenyan people.

I expect the unexpected.

The enemy still tries to distract and discourage, but I keep remembering Galatians 6:9.

I am as grateful as ever for the prayers, encouragement and support from our friends and family back home that allow us to continue serving the Lord and His people Kenya.



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