Here and There

Many aspects of life in Kenya have continued just as they would have in the states. However, most of the details of day-to-day living have a new face or appear in a different context.  Below I have chosen just a few of these aspects in a pictorial format to contrast life here and life there.  The pictures on the left are from the states and those on the right are here at Tenwek.

My hospital (left – Kennestone, right – Tenwek)

kennestone2          Tenwek Picture

My work cubicle

UA cubicle          IMG_2372

Office paperwork (maybe an exaggeration, but not by far)

office charts          Tenwk Chart Review

My operating room

IMG_1295          DSC_0157-13

View from a mountain near my home (left – Kennesaw Mountain, right – Mount Motigo)

kennesaw          DSC_0230

Warning sign at a national park we visited

kennesaw sign          park sign

The local river (left – Chattahoochee, right – Nyangores)

Chattahoochee-River-Photo          river

Beautiful trees

Dogwood          local orange tree

My favorite local fruit (Cost in Kenya: 1 peach – $2.50, 1 pineapple – 58 cents!)

peaches          pineapple

My favorite local treat (left – YOU KNOW!, right – mandazis)

KKD          Mandazi

Coffee Creamer

coffee mate          afrimate


american football          kenya football

Our furry friend (left – Oreo, right – Murphy)

DSC_0020          IMG_2366

Local cats in the region

images          DSC_0463

Reptiles around the yard (and occasionally in the house)

frog          DSC_0069

Other animals commonly encountered in the neighborhood

squirrel          donkeys

Currency (dollars versus schillings)

dollar          100 ksh

Electrical outlets (shape isn’t the only difference … we’ve fried a couple of devices)

cover-new-255x400          IMG_2362         

Our dish washing machine

images          IMG_2365

Our drying machine

dryer          Sun and Sky

House key

house key          IMG_2364

Cell phone (kind of nice to pay as you go – no contracts or calling plans here)

iphone 4          IMG_2374

Mode of transportation

suburban          shoes

Road maintenance (yes, we’re in that van, stuck in the mud)

Road construction          IMG_2329

Public transportation (left – boooring, right – that’s what I’m talking about!)

USA - Greyhound Lines Inc          bus

A typical motorcycle scene (note: this is a very “average” load in Kenya)

2008-Victory-Motorcycles-7          piki close up

Many different sights, many different sounds, and many different experiences, but no matter where we go or what the differences are … one God is with us.

“If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.” – Psalm 139: 9-10










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