The Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) is a non-denominational, Chrisitian-based general surgery training program designed to train residents across the continent of Africa, and is a commission of the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA).  More than just providing surgical education, PAACS supports the spiritual development of its residents, emphasizing the eternal influence that they can have in the lives of their patients.  Historically, medical professionals in Africa often choose to leave the continent to search for work in more industrialized area of the world, leaving its citizens with a lack of medical access.  Residents selected into the PAACS program are committed to remaining in Africa following their training.

While all medical specialties are important to hospitals in Africa, general surgeons are a necessity.  Moreoever, general surgeons are often required to perform any and all types of surgery, including neurosurgery, orthopedics, urology and obstetrics/gynecology.  It is estimated that as many as 20-25% of all surgeries in developing countries are urologic.  Our hope is that following the reconstructive urology fellowship, Paul will be able to partner with PAACS programs across Africa to teach this much needed skill.


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